We develop low cost automated machines, robots and software

What we do

Automated Technologies Ltd, a British design and engineering company based in south Manchester with 25yrs worldwide experience inventing solutions using special purpose machines, robotics, electronics, software and mechanical designs for many diverse applications.

Multidisciplined engineers, we offer innovative design and support for prototypes and invent novel solutions with you for R&D, 24/7 laboratory and manufacturing process automation

We are a very responsive and adaptive company and take great pride in commercialisation of ideas and new inventions using unique designs for proof of concept, enhancement, increasing throughput, efficiency and general problem solving - especially scientific.

How we do it

Our designs are versatile and help you do more, with less. Innovation and adaptability are our greatest assets. We understand how difficult the early stages of collaboration can be and we are happy to evolve with you.

For larger projects we have access to networks of laboratory experts such as the Automated Laboratory Network with experience in ADME, Product Development, Analytical, SiRNA, Engineering, IT and Nanotechnology.

We work collaboratively with many fellow biotech specialists to assist in drug discovery. Contact us for a free consultation, process review or quote.


December 2017 -
We are now working collaboratively with the AUTOMATED LABORATORY NETWORK (ALN) partners.

The mission of the ALN is to help to enhance your organisations capability to deliver fit for purpose automated technology solutions that will make a difference to your business.

Through the ALN's consulting partners you will gain access to over 75 years of automation and pharmaceutical experience: RNorthwoodConsulting, Pharmalytical Services Ltd, and Turtonation.


design service

Machine design

  • Automated
  • Semi-automated
  • Enhancements & upgrades
software design


  • Low level embedded control
  • GUI, database
  • Apps, machine vision
custom electronics design


  • Interfacing, sensor technology
  • device testing
  • Reverse engineering
computer aided design CAD computer aided manufacture CAM


  • Visualisation
  • Problem solving
scientific research and development

Research and Development

  • Proof of concept
  • Early prototyping
result data sql database

Data logging and monitoring

  • Audit trail, LIMS, SQL
  • Trends, chromatographs, reports
3d printing

3D printing

  • Custom materials, bioprinting
  • We make printers!