Lowering research development costs through collaboration and grant funding..

Through grant funding such as the Innovate UK investment accelerator program we can collaborate or sub-contract to companies developing biosciences, advanced therapies, medical devices, device testing and digital health.

To lower research and development costs we can utilise existing open-source software scientific applications like OpenCFU, database applications like mySQL, graphical user interfaces like GTK, and web pages for animated interfaces, graphing or reporting.

Innovation / R&D is our business, our greatest asset is our flexibility

We can design the optimal process throughput by working closely together with you to help identify potential hits by closing the analysis loop, intelligently feeding back output data such as that from image analysis to drive the compound addition, incubation parameters or other key variables, allowing us to tune over time and home in quickly to identify the most likely target candidates.

To reduce the cost of developing lab automation, Automated Technologies have designed several low cost and easily configurable modular pick-place handling robots available for purchase or hire that can transfer practically any type of product such as syringes and patches, or laboratory labware like microtiter plates, vials or test tubes, to work with your existing equipment and help you screen libraries with potential biological targets.
We may also be able to reverse engineer and interface to your existing machines where this is worthwhile.