High Throughput Screening - an entry point to drug discovery..

To reduce the cost of HTS (and also high content screening for advanced analysis of complex interractions) Automated Technologies have developed several low cost and easily configurable modular pick-place handling robots and machines available for purchase or hire that can transfer any type of product such as syringes and patches, or laboratory labware like microtiter plates, vials or test tubes, to work with your existing equipment and find the best way to screen libraries with potential targets and isolate them from assay variability.
Most of our robots are operator collaborative, with safe low torques that dont require cages or guarding and are easy to install.

As machine developers our greatest asset is our flexibility and adaptability, and our experience with finding new innovative unique and novel ways for finding targets.

We can design the optimal process throughput by working closely together with you to help identify potential hits by closing the analysis loop, intelligently feeding back output data such as that from image analysis to drive the compound addition, reagent preperation, incubation parameters or other key variables, allowing us to tune over time and home in quickly to identify the most likely target candidates.

All our robots are LIMS compatible and have optional monitoring and result data which can write to sql, csv text file or webpage, and can optionally be accessed remotely over a network via a secure shell. Also, we can usually develop a custom interface to existing equipment including merging of test results.

Being modular, the robots can run in parallel should you want to increase throughput and an ETA is shown after loading the methods. The payback on our systems due to the extended (overnight and weekend / holidays) use of equipment can be as low as a few months.