Controlling microfluidic and nano scale devices to progress the research on human organs..

Collaborating with you to create the lab-on-a-chip we can develop custom device controls for off the shelf peristaltic pumps, piezoelectric devices and micro and milli scale actuators using muscle wire (aka shape memory Nitinol such as that provided by dynalloy) or complete assemblies such as the actuators available from migamotors.

Although we dont manufacture microfluidic devices ourselves we can help you realise automated methods such as multiplexing to achieve higher throughput when developing with dynamic cell testing environments such as those needed to grow organs-on-chips.

We are able to optimise your system such as reducing dead volume to stabilise flowrates (allowing lower cost micro syringe pumps to be used). Many of the "path of least resistance" principles mimic the current flow in an electrical circuit, and we can use feedback to control flow restrictors in the same way that other closed loop electronic control systems are designed. We would be interested to develop centrifugal devices using existing technology such as using CD/DVD players.
We are motivated to reduce the time required for testing and the need for unnecessary animal testing, and all our systems are modular so can usually be operated in parallel.

Microfluidics are very cost effective and demonstrate reduced reaction times, lower reagent consumptions and generally less waste, and combined with our 3d bioprinting skills this could lead to exciting prospects of combining chips in a novel way as we can utilise MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) devices such as pressure sensors and piezo print heads to good effect.
Using high resolution stepper motors with encoder feedback and harmonic drive couplings we are able to accurately pump at variable speeds as low as a few uL/hr.